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Kanjon Kamačnik

Kamačnik is a watercourse of incredible beauty, that has with time cut a canyon out of Jurassic limestone. It roars through the canyon over a series of small waterfalls and whirling potholes, especially when its waters rise after rainfall or melting snow. In the upper part of its valley, which it formed out of dolomite rock, the stream is somewhat calmer and receives a few smaller tributaries. The picturesque vauclusian karst spring, of an unknown but significant depth, is particularly valuable, as are the flora and fauna of its clean mountain waters. Visitors will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery – the rapids and small waterfalls, calm flow and clean waters, and the forests, flora and fauna.

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Zeleni vir and Vražji prolaz

Zeleni vir is a strong water spring at the bottom of a shallow and wide cave above the entrance of which rise 70 m tall vertical cliffs featuring a cascading picturesque waterfall that creates a shimmering curtain of water. It was declared a reserve of natural values in 1962.

Another attraction is the 800 m long canyon Vražji prolaz. Through this ravine gorge, which is approximately two metres wide, a mountain stream called Jasle flows among the rocks about a hundred metres tall. The water has been flowing here for millennia, wearing away the rock's surface and shaping this landscape that amazes every visitor with its raging waters and wild steep rocks. At the end of Vražji prolaz, stands another attraction of this wonderful excursion spot: the cave Muževa hižica. Muževa hižica is open to visitors to a depth of 200 metres. A deeper tour requires proper equipment and good caving skills.

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Odrasli: 25 kn
Djeca (7 – 12 godina): 10,00 kn
Djeca (do 7 godina): ulaz je besplatan

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