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Gastronomy adventure in Gorski Kotar

Gastroventure à la Gorski Kotar brings out the adventurer in each visitor enthusiastically embarking on the most delicious gourmet adventure that will stimulate all senses. It can be described as a sort of expedition for which you definitely don’t need any high-altitude preparation, but which will certainly arouse those great feelings of pleasure that you don’t want to miss and that will stay with you forever. As part of the Gastroventure à la Gorski Kotar initiative, the restaurants of Gorski Kotar will centre their menus on dishes based on seasonal ingredients with high nutritional value, sourced from nature's treasure trove of the highlands. A rich culinary heritage, ingredients indigenous to the area, skills of local restaurateurs and diligence of family-owned farms all come together to form Gastroventure à la Gorski Kotar.


Gorski kotar