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Gorski kotar hike

If you decide to go for a stroll, a walk or a hike around Gorski Kotar, you are sure to experience the thrill of immersing yourself in unspoilt nature and awakening all your senses. Invigorate your soul with unforgettable sights and replenish your body with fresh air while exploring new surroundings. Find a profound sense of peace while meditatively listening to the sounds of birdsong, trickling streams and rustling leaves.

Choose one of the stunning trails that will help you experience first-hand the treasure trove of natural beauty and invaluable cultural heritage that is Gorski Kotar. The trails are marked with .gpx tracks, which you can save on your mobile phone to track your location, whereas the illustrated maps will both help yo u pick the perfect trail and stay on track.

Certain trails are fully or partially marked with hiking markings, with on-site trail markings to be added soon in the following stages of the “Gorski Kotar HIKE” project. The trails are maintained by local municipal companies and volunteers from hiking clubs. If you notice any irregularities on the trails, or damaged infrastructure, please contact us at so that we can remedy the problem as soon as possible in cooperation with partner organisations.

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