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Lake Lokve

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A reservoir up to 40 metres deep in places. It stretches up to the foot of Risnjak, creating a unique visual postcard. It was constructed in 1954 when a dam was built to stop the flow of the river Lokvarka. Lake Lokve is a traditional gathering place for hikers and ramblers, as well as cyclists. In addition to walks along the lake, it is also great for swimming in the summer, or fishing throughout the year. Some of the world's largest trout were caught here!

Bajer Lake

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The reservoir was constructed in 1952 when a dam was built on the river Ličanka, near the centre of Fužine. The lake is 2 to 7 metres deep. A scenic, 7 km long hiking trail for pedestrians and cyclists wraps around Bajer. You can also enjoy the tourist train or horse-drawn carriage, or the tourist boat ride on the lake.

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Lepenica Lake

The largest reservoir in the Fužine area. It was built in 1988 and has a maximum depth of 18 metres, and its surface area and water amount considerably exceed that of Bajer Lake.
It is suitable for swimming in the summer months, as the water temperature can reach more than 23 °C. It is also the venue for annual competitions in underwater orienteering.

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Čogrljevo lake

This tiny pearl is located along the “old” Lujzijana road in Moravice, a well-known railway hub. The lake is located 8 km from Vrbovsko and boasts refreshing beauty. The source of Čogrljevo Lake is made up of five smaller sources, flowing into the lake. The existing waterfall of Vede forms a reservoir once used for powering a small sawmill and flour mill. The trail around the lake located on the edge of a fragrant coniferous forest also offers the possibility of touring the springs. If you are patient enough and have a keen eye, you will see the most beautiful resident of the lake – the lake trout.

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Potkoš lake

The youngest and smallest lake in the Fužine area. It is located at the foot of the slopes of Bitoraj, between Fužine and Lič.
It is a popular excursion spot and offers a large area for picnic.

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