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Natural beauties


Gorski kotar

Green oasis of Europe

Gorski Kotar, located at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the inland Pannonian Basin and the gorgeous mountainous area, has been known throughout history for its stimulating and mild stimulating climate. Winters are mostly harsh and long, and well-suited for enjoying the winter wonderland and winter sports. Spring will make up for its late arrival to Gorski Kotar with an amazing sight of nature awakening from its long winter slumber, a unique spectacle that you would not want to miss.

The pleasant daily temperatures and cool nights during the summer will ensure you get a good night’s sleep and shelter from the intense summer heat. The autumn fruit picking will enchant you with a wholly inspiring colour palette. The picturesque rural settlements act as mountain climatic resorts where you will benefit from the excellent therapeutic effects of mountain air that will help you relax and regenerate.

Are you looking for almost meditative tranquillity or an activity holiday, an unforgettable adventure or cosy winter nights by the fireplace?

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Jezera i rijeke Gorski kotar

Rivers and lakes

The rivers and lakes invite you to look into the hidden and rarely seen parts of the “Green Heart of Croatia”. Experience the crystal-clear water of the rivers Kupa, Kupica, Dobra, Čabranka, Gerovčica... Lose track of time relaxing by the lakes Bajer, Lepenica, Lokva, Čogrljevo… Visit one of the deepest springs found in Croatia – the source of the river Kupa.

All of this and much more comprises the water world of Gorski Kotar.

Spilje i kanjoni Gorski kotar

Caves and canyons

Feel the spray of the cascading waterfalls, and the power of water in Vražji prolaz and Kamačnik canyons. Peek into the underground world of Lokvarka Cave, one of the largest caves in Croatia, filled with unusual cave formations. Vrelo Cave is 3.5 – 4 million years old. It measures only 300 metres in length, and is special for its water feature – at a depth of only about fifty metres you will find a beautiful mountain spring, lake and ponor, which make it especially fascinating. Bukovac Cave hides traces of prehistoric humans, cave bears and leopards, making it an excellent archaeological site.

Sume i planine Gorski kotar

Mountains and forests

Arriving in Gorski Kotar means entering the shelter of untouched forest land. The forest area with well-marked trails leading to mountain peaks and peculiar karst formations form the unique Risnjak National Park, forests Golubinjak, Japlenški vrh, White and Saddle Rocks, special reserves and protected landscapes... Gorski Kotar values, protects, but also offers its natural beauties for relaxation or an activity holiday.

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