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Sacral heritage


In Gorski Kotar, a number of sacral structures have been preserved, dating back to different historical periods. One of them is the Calvary in Mrkopalj, with its dominating location atop a hill south-west above the Karolina road and the village. It consists of three crosses with bronze sculptures. The most important religious event in Gorski Kotar, the Mrkopalj feast, is held at the Church of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows. It is traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday of September, when the faithful gather in Mrkopalj in large numbers to show their gratitude and respect to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In Čabar, you can find the Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Athos. It is located on a steep hill, 975 metres above sea level, and offers a stunning view. According to one legend, on Mount Athos, a group of shepherds found a statue of the Virgin Mary attached to a fir tree, where shepherds would pray while herding their sheep. One day, they saw the sheep worshipping the statue of the Virgin Mary, and tried to drive them away. The sheep remained firmly in place and wouldn’t move, so the frightened shepherds ran to tell the parish priest who came back with them and witnessed the scene. After this event, the parish priest took the statue with him to the parish church in Gerovo. After returning to the church the next day, the parish priest noticed that the statue was no longer there; it was found back on Mount Athos. The parish priest took this as a sign, and it was decided that a church should be built on Mount Athos.
The Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows is located in the plain of Ličko polje. The history of this shrine dates back to 1733, when, according to legend, it snowed on 5 August and the Holy Mary appeared. Today, the shrine is a popular destination for believers and others alike. In the vicinity, stands the hill of Sveti Ivan (St. John), with a trail of the Stations of the Cross and a chapel that was built in honour of Pope John Paul II.

In Brod Moravice, there are plenty of sacral structures. There is a total of 13 churches in the area, representing an important and rich cultural and historical heritage. The Church of St. Nicholas stands on raised ground in the centre of the settlement, and is, together with the church in Gerovo, the oldest church in Gorski Kotar.

A number of sacral structures, dating back to different historical periods, have been preserved in the area of Gorski Kotar. They bear witness to an extremely important component of the life of the people of Gorski Kotar throughout history – their faith and heritage. Church of St. George in Lič, Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Athos, Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in the plain of Ličko polje, and the Calvary with chapels in Lokve are but a few examples of the sacral heritage of Gorski Kotar.

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